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UK COVID-19 deaths at least 29% worse than previous thought

COVID-19 has killed so many and forced grief into the lives of countless others. The year-on-year death statistics shows this out even more than previously thought.

Waistcoat Dave
1 min readMay 12, 2020

The number of COVID registered deaths up to 1st May sits just under 36,000. 8,000 (29%) more than previously suggested.

These results do not include those who, because of limited testing available, have passed away with symptoms but with no +ve test result.

We can also look at all deaths above what would be expected year-on-year as norm. This shows a staggering increase of 50,000.

It would be foolish to say these are all because of COVID but with no other large scale reason for the difference, undiagnosed COVID is likely to have had a role.

This would mean that at worst, the deaths related to COVID in the UK, up till 1st May, was 22,000 (78%) higher than previously believed. Even if the reality is half of that, it shows the absoloutely destructive nature of this virus.

Too many lives lost. Too many people affected. My love and heartache goes out to every single person who has to live with the death of a loved one in this time.



Waistcoat Dave

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