How to own 2019 — TL:DR & My Implementation

The focus on this alternative #NewYearsResolution series has been idea curation exploring how to make 2019 an engaging and meaningful year for us all. Considering how individualistic we all are, that’s quite a complex aim. It is therefor best that this article is seen as a ‘contents’ page of sorts rather than a one-and-done article.

Part 1

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1. Finding your people

To varying extents, humans are sociable animals and we live in a socially connected world. The interactions we have with those around us heavily impact on our lives, identity and experiences. Exploring these connections and finding out how we can make the most of them, can be exceptionally powerful in supporting us to make the most of the year ahead (and beyond). This involves a lot of exploring new things — primarily events and communities both in the virtual world and ‘IRL’.

The Waistcoat Way: For my 2019, I’m going to continue the work that I started in 2018, building my network of creative changemakers both through online discourse and attending events. I am attending my first Live Action Roleplay event this year with a friend and I will also reconnect with an old friend once a month.

2. Finding your space

Similarly, the spaces we inhabit in our lives can have significant impact on our day-to-day wellbeing and engagement. They can support communication, exploration & growth as well as acting as the backdrop for all of our interactions. As we move forward, more and more practitioners are looking at how we can make the most of shared and public spaces to frame and support meaningful connections. Again, exploring new spaces in your town or cities (or even exploring a new city altogether) can lead to great insights around this.

The Waistcoat Way: I am fascinated by how physical and virtual spaces can support communication and networking among changemakers. I will be continuing my membership with Impact Hub Birmingham and Medium as well as looking to engage with Art of Hosting, Summer House and Good Lad Initiative. I also plan to co-host my first social jam this year.

Part 2

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3. Finding your voice

In order to make our 2019 (and beyond) authentic and meaningful, we need to find what’s important to us — what we enjoy and feel passionate about both in our personal and profesional lives. This adventure of discovery can lead to a stronger sense of self and increased meaning from our everyday experiences. Bear in mind that ‘finding your voice’ is an ongoing process. As you test your skills and voice out more, they will adapt and strengthen, possibly through increased confidence or through the gaining of new knowledge and experiences.

The Waistcoat Way: I will continue to develop my blogging through Medium and attend courses to build on my public speaking and Hosting skills. I also plan to create a new photography portfolio by the end of 2019 and have started a changemaker podcast.

4. Courage

Key to exploring what a more meaningful 2019 looks like, is taking chances. This can be unnerving at times and courage is essential. This is a trait that is often (wrongly) seen as easy and naturally occurring, rather than one that needs care and attention to develop in an authentic way. Being aware of the diversity in potential outcomes from an event or interactions can help us to take chances with a focus on the positive gains or learning as a result.

The Waistcoat Way: Through connecting with individuals in 2019 (see above), I plan to take more opportunities to say ‘yes’ to new things, resulting in 1 new experience per month.

Part 3

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Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

5. Playfulness

Taking time out to enjoy the personal time we have with our friends and loved ones and trying new ways of engaging with them, is key to a healthy and holistic life. We currently have a social narrative that sees play as for the young. The research on the benefits of play on adults highlights why this basic human instinct needs to come back into the forefront.

The Waistcoat Way: I am quite a playful person anyway, but I want to explore this in new ways in 2019. Alongside more exploring and getting back into photography, I want to train in Forest School work; explore my sensory needs more through events & activities and re-start swimming and waterpolo again.

6. Dating yourself

We spend most of our lives focused on moving forward and completing tasks, be they personal or professional. A key way to promote our overall healthy well-being, is to connect with ourselves and to treat ourselves like we would someone we are dating — with excitement, kindness and compassion. Undertaking this will help us explore parts of our identity that may otherwise go unnoticed.

The Waistcoat Way: I am an extrovert who is poor at spending meaningful time with myself. In 2019, I plan to explore the city I call home (and the surrounding areas) once a month and attend a creative event once a month on my own.

Part 4

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7. Sharing Compassion

We don’t live alone in this world and we engage with others — family, friends or wider community — everyday. We can benefit exceptionally from these interactions and we can support growth and positive wellbeing in others. So let’s realise our shared world and make the most of those connections.

The Waistcoat Way: For me, my 2019 aims of podcasting, blogging and meeting more changemakers are a big part of this, as will the public speaking and other courses I plan to be taking.

A key learning curve I plan for 2019, is how can I become a better, clearer and more compassionate communicator. I plan to re-engage with reflective meditation once a month and attend events in association with this.

8. Enjoying the journey

We can get so caught up in the ‘finishing point’, despite this regularly changing. Fixating on the end point means we miss opportunities for meaningful engagement and adventure in our every day lives. By paying attention to the here and now, we are also more likely to notice life affirming moments and positive things in our day to day.

The Waistcoat Way: As previously said, I plan to say yes to more things, which I also plan on documenting my adventures through my photography and video creation.

I’m excited to hear what your plans for 2019 are. Let me know in the comments below.

Waistcoat Dave is the founder of The Positive Mind Project and a member of Impact Hub B’ham. He is a proud #AdoptiveBrummie, #CompassionateTroublemaker and #SocialAlchemist with a passion for #EmotionalWellbeing and #Creativity in #ChangemakerCommunities. He/Him.



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Waistcoat Dave

Waistcoat Dave


@CompassionateTroublemaking founder. #Writer, #Camerado & #SocialAlchemist interested in #Dissent & #Wellbeing in #ChangemakerCommunities. He/Him